Show Your Style – Skape289

Skape289 vom Planeten Erde ist unser nächster Show Your Style Kandidat. Ohne viel worte zu verlieren geht es auch schon zum Interview.

Name: S.KAPE289

City/Country: The one and only planet Earth.

SKAPE289__Fruit_Juice SKAPE289__Sandiegopersue

When did you start writing?

First contact in 2002 but I would say I started in 2006.

What’s graffiti for you?

Fun, Fun, Fun.

What inspires you?

Everything I see, everything I feel.


Is your city a graffiti influenced city?

I started painting Graffiti in a small village but I grew up in a big city which is covered in Graff and until today has an high impact on the world wide graffiti scene.

Why graffiti?

Why not is the question?


SKAPE289_Guadalajara_1 SKAPE289_Four_Quarters_SanDIEGO skape289_DEBZA_MEXICODF

What do you think, does graffiti need colors or is it about pure letters?

The definition of Graffiti for me is painting letters in public places, so even though Graffiti needs both- letters come first!


What are other important elements in your life?

Family & friends, traveling & nature, high quality food and music.

Describe your style!

I like throw ups, I like easygoing swing-letters with funk; I like sharp, almost aggressive semi-wild styles and futuristic abstract pieces.

SKAPE289_Itsjigabootime_Guadalajara SKAPE289_KUBE2_MOnterrey SKAPE289_Lahabana

What was your first writer name?

I don’t really remember. I changed a lot during the first years.

Do you still have a picture of your first piece?

I will have a look.

What are your plans in the future?

Getting better in everything I do.


Which advice would you give to the youngsters?

I would like to quote: It’s always better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission”.

What would you never want to miss in graffiti?

Aerosol Paint, freedom, creativity, a lil bit of adrenalin and friendships.

Is graffiti for you an ego thing or more than that?

It’s more.


Your favourite writing tool?

Your favourite spraycan: Made in Europe.

Your favouriteCity: Havana

Your favourite Marker: Almost anything does the job.

Steel or Wall: Even though I paint mostly walls I have to say steel.

Your favourite Caps: Everything has its purpose. Macclaim Skinny aka Grey Ultraskinny, Yellow/grey Banana, New York/Lego, Astro.

MON_DEVANE_SKAPE289_Monterrey SKAPE280_PLAYAdelcarmen