Show Your Style – Motick

Mit dem Finger auf der Landkarte hat es dieses mal Motick aus Mexico getroffen. Wir hatten die Ehre Motick ein paar Fragen stellen zu dürfen.

Name: Motick

Crew: Tom

City/Country: Atizapan / Mexico

When did you start writing?


What’s graffiti for you?

Graffiti for me is that unique place that shelters my freedom and my creation sanctuary,  my palace, MY UNIVERSE.

What inspires you?

“THE EXISTENCE”, the inspiration for me is Harmony, chaos, prefection of nature, knowledge, aesthetics, simplicity, complexity, consciousness, magic, LIFE…

Is your city a graffiti influenced city?

My city is a completely chaos and graffiti everywere.

Why graffiti?

I am passionate about creating from any painting technique but … graffiti has something more, the typography houses many visual and geometric rules that together form a harmony and a STYLE in addition to having a code, a “universal language” if We take this and add our own rules and personality becomes something unique. but there is something else there is magic, there is intensity, there is unique!

What do you think, does graffiti need colors or is it about pure letters?

Graffiti does not need them, it does not matter if you use one color or you use a thousand colors

The style and structure is read from its shape, however colors are an excelent complement.


What are other important elements in your life?

Love, smile, muisc, friends, family, nature, videogames, sports, illustration, etc..

Describe your style!

Crazy letters on movement.

What was your first writer name?

Always the same MOTICK, i pick my favorite letters from the alphabet an then i make my word.

Do you still have a picture of your first piece?

Yeah 😉

What are your plans in the future?

future is uncertain, my plan is enjoy today doing what i love as long as i can breathe.

Which advice would you give to the youngsters?

There are magicpowers inside you…

What would you never want to miss in graffiti?


Is graffiti for you an ego thing or more than that?

Muuuuuch more than that 

Your favourite writing tool?



Marker: Handmade mixed color sakura solid marker.

Steel or Wall: both

Caps: New York Fatcap

Website: /