Show Your Style – Kies Wildcans

Zum Ende des Jahres haben wir noch ein Show Your Style Special für euch. Bühne frei für Mr.Kies Wildcans.

Name: KIES


City/Country: Alcoy / Spain

Start with writing? I started in 1993 with tags and two months later with the graffiti.

What is graffiti for you?: The way I express myself.


My partners crew.

Is your City a Graffiti City or very different?

Six or seven years ago we were a lot of people painting. Now we are only two with constancy.

Why Graffiti?:

I started listening rap in 1992 and then I discovered graffiti.

What do you thing, need graffiti Colors or but pure letters?

I think both things are important. I like to work the forms of letters and ornaments and choose a good range of colors, but sometimes I need to paint simple letters with just one color inside and make a good background, so I can see my style well.

Another important Elements in your Life?

My family, my job as a designer, I love the rap and trap music and go to the gym.

Your Style Description?

Semi and Wildstyle.

What was your first writer name?

KIS/KHIS. In 1999 I started writting KIES.

Do you still have a picture of your first piece?

I had but I don´t know where it is.

It stills on the wall where I painted it. A small and simple KIS with red filling and black stroke without arrows or adornments.

What is your Plan for the Future?:

Keep painting like all these 23 years.

What would the young to give away?:

It´s important to find your own style.
What would you never want to miss in graffiti?:

Its essence although it is important to evolve.

Is graffiti for you an ego or more than that?

It is more than ego, it´s a way of life.

Your Best Writing Tool: spray can.

Spray Can: MTN 94.

City: Any city in Germany.

Marker: water based from Montana colors.

Steel or Wall: Now I don´t paint steels but I love both of them.

Caps: skinny.