Show Your Style – Dest Fed.Up

Zeit für einen neuen ShowYourStyle Part. Wir stellen vor Dest FedUp C.L.

Name: Destroy (Dest)
Crew: C.L, Fedup (FDP)
City/Country: Perth, Australia

Start with writing? 1995

What’s graffiti for you? Graffiti is a world wide subculture which I am forever grateful to be part of. It is a universal language and communication. It’s about being with your friends or crew members, having fun, creating and being free to express yourself how you want.

Inspiration? I draw a lot of inspiration from many of the graffiti writers I meet in my travels. It is these people who motivate and inspire me to paint more.

Is your City a Graffiti City or very different?
My city is one of the smallest city’s in Australia. We have a pretty good graffiti scene with street bombing, pieces and the occasional trains being painted. It is not comparable to other Australian city’s like Melbourne or Sydney but we still hold our own. Unfortunately street art is favoured here like most cities.

Why Graffiti?
I loved graffiti as a kid. I remember seeing tags and pieces on buildings in the city and always being fascinated by who put them there and what it meant. I knew it was not meant to be there and that it was illegal. That is what attracted me to graffiti, you do what you want, when you want, and where you want.

What do you thing, need graffiti Colors or but pure letters?
I think you need some good letter structure, flow and balance in letters using simple colours or chrome before many colours. Many writers these days who are 100% technical painters don’t have that structure and often hide their letters behind fancy effects. A friend of mine who writes Slam once said “ You can’t hide your style with chrome”. That is true I think.

Another important Elements in your Life? Family and friends are important to me. And just having a good balance in life.

Your Style Description? I have a few different style variations and It all depends on my mood and what I am feeling on the day. I guess it’s structured traditional lettering. Sometimes it can be a plain fade or it can be super technical.

What was your first writer name? Cesole or Plays I can’t remember 🙂

Do you still have a picture of your first piece? Not my first but I have pics of pieces dating back to 95-96. None of which I would like to share haha.

What is your Plan for the Future? Just to keep painting and be active even if my tired old body doesn’t want to 🙂

What would you never want to miss in graffiti? I would never want to miss the the underground aspect of graffiti. Graffiti should always be underground. Leave street art for the main stream.

Is graffiti for you an ego or more than that? Graffiti is definitely associated with Ego 🙂 I think over the years I have slowly removed the layers of my ego and just don’t do it for my ego as I did when I was younger. Now I just paint because I want to paint I don’t care If anyone will see it or give me respect.

Your Best Writing Tool: aerosol
Spray Can: Sigma 80
City: Berlin
Marker: Krink mop or solid marker
Steel or Wall: Steel
Caps: Ghost or yellow hood

Instagram: @artbyd3stroy