Show Your Style – Bonzai

Heute haben wir die Ehre, euch ein ” SHOW YOUR STYLE ” Special mit Bonzai Ilw/Odv zu präsentieren. Mehr von Bonzai erfahrt ihr hier im Interview.

Name: Bonzai

Crew: ILW / ODV

City/Country: London /England


When did you start writing?


What’s graffiti for you?

Graffiti means a lot to me, it’s been in my life for such a long time. I’ve met some of my best friends through graffiti plus it’s my job also.

What inspires you?

I get inspiration from all sorts of things. From the my crew, Internet and nature.

Is your city a graffiti influenced city?

I’m not originally from London, but London has a long history of good graffiti. A lot of big name prolific writers have come out of London and still continue to paint within the city.

What do you think, does graffiti need colors or is it about pure letters?

For me, Both, obviously letters are the most important. You need to be able to rock good letters. But I love to see people experimenting and seeing how far the culture can be pushed.

What are other important elements in your life?

Most important for me is Family and friends.

Describe your style!

I like to constantly change, I get bored quickly doing only one thing, plus I like to have a few different styles that I can rock. But, At the moment I’m enjoying doing funky simpler letters with characters.

What was your first writer name?


Do you still have a picture of your first piece?

Haha, no 🙂

What are your plans in the future?

Keep painting, push myself, more sketching and I’m interested in tattooing.

Which advice would you give to the youngsters?

Wear a mask! Your health is so important. Find your own style and don’t be afraid of what others think.

What would you never want to miss in graffiti?

The feeling of seeing a full colour burner in the flesh.

Is graffiti for you an ego thing or more than that?

I do it as a job, so I guess it’s more than that now.

Final words.

Thank you to every one who follows me on social media for your support. Organisers who invite me to jams and you guys at GraffFunk for the chance to say a few words.

Instagram:  @davebonzai