Rockstroh Drums x Graff.Funk x Montana Cans

We teamed up with Rockstroh Drums to produce something very unique.
And here it is: the first proffesional graffiti custom drum set. Handmanufactured and
handpainted in Germany.
In the drum scene Rockstroh Drums is well known for high quality products, sound
and their ability to satisfy nearly every special customer request.
As passionated music addicts ist was a pleasure for us to participate in this project
and to push borders. Graffiti ain ́t only about HipHop music and Rock ain ́t only
about black and white designs.
This concept is supported by Montana Cans by supplying materials for the Artwork.
That ensured the high quality of the custom drum set in all aspects.
But get your own impression in the video or gallery below.

Supported by, Montana Cans™, Rockstroh Drums

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