Graff.Five x Weam

I’m Weam a graffiti artist from Berlin/Germany. I like to play around with colors and adapt styles to the surface.

How do you got connected with graffiti?

Facebook + Instagram…later i met some guys at a jam.

What do you think about the meaning of Instagram for the graffiti game?

I like the internet and that every writer has the opportunity to show his/her style easily to the whole world, but due to the fact that social media is widely available everybody is able to upload their stuff. The result of this is that you have to see a lot of shoddy pieces and styles. Sometimes I get the feeling, no one is truly looking at the letters and everybody is just liking through the content.

Tell us about how graffiti evolved in your city?

For me Berlin is one of the most important graffiti cities in the world. I am very proud to be a part of it. Berlin has a long graffiti history, with many important artists.  

How do you prepare a mission or a perfect graffiti day?

There is not really a prep…just take some cans and paint and see what’s happening. I don’t plan anything. Only if there is really a concept planned (everybody will take the same colors) but normally I just grab some colors.

Ask a question you would like to ask and answer that question?

What’s your favorite cap 🙂 ?
Everybody has to find out for themselves what fits the best. I only use skinny and fatcaps. There is no right or wrong cap. 
Cheers Weam