Graff.Five x Scaf.One

Hello my name is Scaf.One

1. How do you got connected with graffiti?

I meet graffiti in 2002 thanks to a friend “apad” who was in my class we were painted in an abandoned hospital near my home and since then I have never stopped.

2. What do you think about the meaning of Instagram for the graffiti game? 

It’s complex instagram makes good and bad.

I like a lot support or juse the photo is forward and not the text but instagram has greatly accelerated the consumption of graffiti 10 years ago when we saw a huge beautiful production, we talked about months or years now in a few days we move on to something else.

3. Tell us about how graffiti evolved in your city?

For me, graffiti no longer exists in my region except Abys and worth with whom I paint, the current scene of Lorraine depresses me nobody will paint if there are no free bombs or money the spots are deserts. I do not like this mentality but happy to have lots of places just for me.

4. How do you prepare a mission or a perfect graffiti day?

I do not like to paint with lots of people just my friends the false connections are useless I think . I’m pretty lonely the top just a good sun, barbeuquie and an abandoned factory the perfect.

5. Ask a question you would like to ask and answer that question?

Next for the future ?

Full of beautiful and big paintings with my 2 friends beautiful meeting also I hope we have some meeting of style this summer and the big festival loop in Milan next month as long as it lol lol