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My name is Nina and I am part of TDS, I live in Rome where I was born and started to paint graffiti in 2000. I studied film and photography and I am currently working as a photographer, publicist curator and video operator.

In my spare time I collaborate as a volunteer for the adoption of abandoned animals and I am passionate about art, gastronomy and fashion.

  1. How do you got connected with graffiti?

 My encounter with graffiti What a child with these colorful letters painted on the walls and trains of my city. At first I painted my first graffiti in a summer night, thus starting my adventure that gave me the opportunity to hear myself for the first time. turn myself and live my city at night made reality and unknown situations.

 2. What do you think about the meaning of Instagram for graffiti game? 

Instagram in graffiti has its positive and negative side. I come from a generation where the first rule is to be original, in which there is no internet, let alone social networks, only fanzines and books were the means to know what was in the world. Today Instagram gives me the opportunity to see places and scenes from other countries in just one minute. the opportunity to have immediate contact with people from all over the world, see what my friends are doing in real time. For me it is therefore a good showcase for a lovarative purpose. Many instead make a negative use of this platform, they are not inspired but they are without problems. Losing the beauty of this world outside.

3. Tellus about how graffiti evolved in your city?

 Graffiti in Rome began in the mid-80s influenced by the style of NY and Paris, the 90s were the representative golden years were in addition to the spirit and the ‘stylistically’ mentality there were different representative styles of the silver and the wildstyles. German influence and always New York and French. So we find the beginning of the first walls with figurative and lettering for graffiti, even though it is a jungle, there is a style that distinguished every writer, the basic rule. There is style from the subway to the street. A graffiti culture and a study of lettering. It was serious to stay in the environment. If you were wrong you were out! There were also real rivalries between the city’s crews and real bullying to those who started. Even the jams were organized with people in the environment. In a few people have just left the scene, in a few people have the right attitude, there is a discomfort and total devastation do not know the respect and have a great paint of style and study. The quantity prevails but not the quality. But above all there is no love. Instead of going forward, you go backwards.

4. How do you prepare a mission or a perfect graffiti day?

Usually my graffiti day is based on the choice of the location and if we want to legally or legally illegally. The theme of the bulwark and the colors to use. If I choose to go illegally I will prepare a 7/8 spray bag.

5 . Ask a question you would like to ask and answer that question?

What is graffiti for you?
A life change that gave me a opportunity to get out of a bad neighborhood and an infamous environment.

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