Graff.Five x Chek.One

Graff.Five x Chek.One

Our new Graff.Five x Chek.One from lissabon interview is online. Read now

1. How do you got connected with graffiti?

When I am twelve years I was interest about graffiti peaces in the highways and tags in Paris near 95 it was the fire in the city.

2. What do you think about the meaning of Instagram for the graffiti game? 

Instagram give me a lot of inspirations I see many other style from other country Cause before the graffiti was very local.

3. Tell us about how graffiti evolved in your city?

With the social reseau the style  change and we have more writers in town now   i think at least the quality have shut down cause a lot off unprofessionals writers born with it lol.

4. How do you prepare a mission or a perfect graffiti day?

I don’t have specific way to prepare a graff session  i sketch daily and ideas come Im a father now so illegals missions are very few i do more walls.

5. Ask a question you would like to ask and answer that question?

What sensations graffiti bring to you?The energy of the graffiti is the best way to squeeze this fucking lazy world! Peace.

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